Donald will be performing in concert at CB-1 Gallery, in Los Angeles, SATURDAY, APRIL 26th. at 7:30 pm.  The concert is in conjunction with the publication of LIGHT MAZE AND STAR, a book collaboration with Timothy Nolan, which is currently featured at the gallery.  Advance tickets can be purchased via paypal.

  • LIGHT MAZE AND STAR March 20, 2014

    Donald’s poetry collaboration with L.A. artist Timothy Nolan, will premiere at Mr. Nolan’s one-man exhibition at  CB-1 Gallery, Los Angeles.  Opening reception, March 23rd, 5-7 pm


    WebSyn Radio will be playing a selected playlist of Donald Rubinstein’s music every day, for March, 20th – April 3, 2 pm French Time. (9 am EST) SYN-flyer161-Donald RUBINSTEIN-eng


    Donald will premiere his in progress installation in a special performance.


    Donald’s newest CD release on Perseverance Records can now be ordered HERE!

  • LIGHT MAZE and STAR January 13, 2014

    Donald has just completed a set of poems to accompany visual artist Timothy Nolan’s images, for a new artists book entitled, “Light Maze and Star.” The book will premiere at Mr. Nolan’s opening of artworks at CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles, March 23rd, 2014. Mr. Rubinstein will be at the gallery in April to perform in concert. Date and more info to follow!

  • SEVEN SONGS January 3, 2014

    Donald is currently in his studio recording basic tracks and composing arrangements for a new, large-scale work, “Seven Songs,” for instruments, voices and improvising musicians.


    Two new releases from Perseverance Records are in progress. The first will feature concert works based on themes Donald wrote for George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead,” while in early discussions about scoring the film. It is due out in early 2014.

    The second combines Donald’s score for the upcoming documentary feature film “Blender,” by German director Susann Reck, with his score for George Romero’s feature film, “Bruiser”(1999)- production is currently underway.


    Donald is awarded a residency from The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation for the 2013-2014 season. This is the first year of the award, which is by nomination only.
    Visit Donald’s dedicated art site at

  • “UNLIKELY FRIENDS” Premiere. September 4, 2013

    The feature documentary, “Unlikely Friends”, which includes two songs by Donald Rubinstein, will premiere on The Discovery Channel, October 21st. 9 PM E/P.


    For purchase, please see under “CDS”

    “PAPER PIECES FOR KEYBOARD is a contemplative collection of piano solos with Donald Rubinstein’s horse-voiced closing vocals reminding us that it’s “time again, time for angels.” Call it contemporary classical, I suppose, or a combination of contemporary and classical that sounds as jazzy and contemporary as work by, say, Keith Jarrett. In the often slow, gentle, well-spaced songs, there is room for a range of thoughts and emotions. I cannot write intelligently about the technical stuff here, but I like what I’m hearing. This is one of the CDs- along with the Bach violin solos by Christiana Edinger and the Bach cello solos by at least three different people- that I can happily lose myself in, wandering through the black and white “landscapes” of the keyboards.

    Rubinstein is a composer, songwriter, performer, and multi-media visual artist who has written several movie and TV scores, concert and theatrical pieces, more than 300 songs on 23 CDs or original music; done avant-garde jazz-rock collaborations with Bill Frisell, Emil Richards and Wayne Horvitz, and has exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and in multiple one-person and group exhibitions. His Baroque jazz score for George Romero’s psychological horror film “Martin”, (about a young man who believes he is a vampire) was described by Mojo Magazine as “one of the top 100 coolest soundtracks of all time.”

    There are no vampires here, as far as I know; listen to “Paper Pieces for Key Board” for that reason alone, or despite that fact. You should be glad you did.”

    Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine


    Donald Rubinstein, Solo – Gig Performance Space, Santa Fe, NM, March 30th,

    Donald Rubinstein with special guest, Steve Gorn – Hudson Opera House, Hudson, NY, April 13th,


    “Seed” (#2) by Donald Rubinstein and Kiki Smith

    "Seed" _#2 of 8 intaglio prints on paper_22"x28"

    at Fountain Art Fair, opening March 8th, New York City.

    “Fountain Art Fair will return to the 69th Regiment Armory, home of revolutionary 1913 Armory Show, for its 8th New York edition this March 8 – 10, 2013.  Hailed as a no-holds-barred platform for the most progressive emerging talent and art world icons, Fountain will continue to host pioneering installations and experimental programming…

    Other artists paying homage to the Armory’s early years include Miguel Ovalle, Don Porcella and Ayn S. Choi of A Band Apart Gallery 22.  A Band Apart will also feature work by internationally renowned feminist artist Kiki Smith in collaboration with Donald Rubinstein.”



    BLENDER- a documentary feature film From director Susann S. Reck:

    Directed, Shot and Edited by Susann S. Reck
    Editing Consultant Annette Muff
    Music by Donald Rubinstein

    BLENDER-The documentary film about the directors parents asylum, where she grew up, will be shown at the Dok Market during the Dokfest Leipzig, November 2012- still without final sound mix and color grading.


    This recent interview in Fangoria Magazine was included in a special, limited edition Legends series. The first issue celebrated director George A. Romero, for whom I’ve scored three films. Thanks to Fangoria Magazine and Scooter McCrae.

    The Humanity of Horror

    “Composer Donald Rubinstein is a man of many talents. Besides being celebrated as a singer/songwriter, musician and multi-media artist who has released 23 CDs and had gallery/museum shows all over the United States, he’s best known to FANGORIA readers as the man who composed the scores for three George A. Romero films: Martin, Knightriders and Bruiser. While Martin and Knightriders are considered by the director himself and many fans to be among his best films, Bruiser is still a contentious title among Romero-lovers. But there’s no question that no matter what your stance may be on any of these titles, Rubinstein’s music for all three are idiosyncratic, one-of-a-kind scores that stand apart in the genre, not only as effective film music but great compositions in their own right. Rubinstein took some time out during a particularly busy period to talk about working with one of our favorite directors and shed some light on his creative process.”

    For full interview, ‘friend’ and visit Donald’s facebook page

  • UNLIKELY FRIENDS August 16, 2012

    Two Donald Rubinstein songs (Time Again, Birth of Death), will be included in the upcoming documentary “Unlikely Friends” by director Leslie Neale (Chance Films). Ms. Neale’s previous films include Juvies, narrated by Mark Wahlberg, and Road to Return, narrated by Tim Robbins.


    "The Book of Black and White Dreams"

    Donald is exhibiting his collaboration with Kiki Smith, “Seed”, along with his “Book of Black and White Dreams”, at the Zane Bennett Gallery in Santa Fe, where he will also perform in concert.



    “If you like Tom Waits, Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, this music is for you.
    I am a big fan of film composer Donald Rubinstein, with whom I have done two albums. He is also a prolific song writer and performer, and I am trying to get more people interested in his music, so I have asked him to send me some of his albums to sell in the Persey Yahoo store. He has released many CDs, and if these sell I’ll get more of his earlier ones, which are just as good. Listen to the samples; I am sure you will like them.”
    Robin Esterhammer,
    Perseverance Records

    You can also find the Perseverance Records releases of Donald’s scores for KNIGHTRIDERS, MARTIN & THE UNUSED SCORE FOR POLLOCK here.

  • “THE STRANGER”, A RADIO ART SHOW BY DR January 24, 2012

    Donald writes, produces and hosts THE STRANGER,

    A “radio art” show featuring his music, ideas and inventions.


  • TREND MAGAZINE FILMS DR December 10, 2011

    Trend Magazine follows up their Summer, 2011 interview with a short film.

  • “TOO LATE TO DIE” – new review October 11, 2011


    By Tom Geddie

    Donald Rubinstein’s 20th album, “Too Late To Die”, is a fine illustration of the commercially forgotten, it seems, concept of song as literature with sound effects. While the phrase “fertile imagination” is a cliché, that’s one of the things definitely at work here.

    Rubinstein is a multimedia artist. His first audio soundtrack, for George Romero’s movie “Martin” back when Rubinstein was 25 years old, was picked by Mojo magazine as one of the top 100 coolest soundtracks all time. He’s a prolific visual artist, too, and musicians from the Boston Symphony and New York Philharmonic orchestras have commissioned his compositions. While all of these forms influence his work, what’s most relevant here is his music – which has ranged over time from jazz to rock to contemporary experimental and modern classical.

    “Too Late To Die” mixes folk and rock with that loosely defined roots genre Americana played by the likes of Lloyd Maines (pedal and lap steel, banjo), David Mansfield (mandolin), Hani Naser (hand drums), and others. Rubinstein sings and adds guitar, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, samples, and what’s described as “electrical oddities.” The sound never becomes gimmicky, though; everything fits.

    The words deal with love and despair and an intriguing world seen from a slightly different perspective. “Frankenstein Walks” and “Vampires Parade,” turning titles into nouns and verbs. (The latter is a co-write with Terry Allen, a similar multimedia artist.) On “Pilgrim,” an upbeat-sounding blues with organ, Rubinstein claims that he is “a pilgrim in the darkness of the world.” On “36-Year Serenade,” he wants to hold her “with the darkness falling down,” but “the river’s been crossed too many times.” “Oh Senorita” is filled with images of discontent: the sky is breaking, nothing seems right, there’s a road that’s less traveled, there’s dancing like pilgrims, and there are restless poets.  The simplest, most compelling image, perhaps, is his desire to “touch the moonlight on your arm.

    The only disappointing song shares a bunch of Texas clichés observed while walking through the DFW Airport. Aside from the repetitiveness in the lyrics, “Too Late To Die’s” 15 tracks are more literary than many songs (whatever that means, I suppose it’s the interesting use of familiar images, the reaching unpretentiously for something more than three or four minutes that’s occasionally, but not consistently, like some early Dylan lyrics); don’t let that word “literary” stop you from listening to it.”





    Archival pigment print, acrylic on canvas 18″x24″

  • DIVISIONS OF THE YEAR August 10, 2011

    A new video work by Audrey Nadia Jajich, with musical score written and performed by Donald Rubinstein, will  be on view at Christie’s, Gallery 6 in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC through August19th


    A solo exhibit by Donald Rubinstein- works on canvas, paper, installation.

    La Tienda Exhibit Space,  Santa Fe,  through August 20th.

    Opening Reception Saturday, July 23 from 5 – 7 pm




    Article on pg. 34

    Short film about Donald, produced by Trend, on main page.

  • New 2011 Happenings April 26, 2011

    Featured performer in a new orchestral work by composer Philippe Bodin at Studio 104, Radio France, Paris, May 15, 2011.


    Two upcoming solo art exhibits:

    La Tienda Exhibit Space, Santa Fe, opening July 23, 2011
    The Fisher Press, Santa Fe, opening February 10, 2012.


  • Divisions of a Year March 23, 2011

    Donald is currently scoring the performance/video work of Audrey Nadia Jajich “Divisions of a Year”


  • Two Interviews March 23, 2011

    The first, a two hour radio interview “Junk Drawer” with host Gabe Gomez.

    The second was Brian “Hardgroove’s” (of the band “Public Enemy”) “Fuse Box.”.


  • Fugue For Motorcycle January 18, 2011

    Donald is scoring the short, experimental film by director Miguel Grunstein, “Fugue For Motorcycle.”


  • Heaven Magazine Review December 8, 2010

    “Too Late To Die,” is Donald Rubinstein’s brand new folk/roots CD…a remarkable talent who can be both very humorous and deeply moving, coming at you from the corners.    Blessed with a splendid singing voice, Rubinstein excels as he is joined by, amongst others, Lloyd Maines, David Mansfield and Sara K, especially on the many beautiful ballads.”  Eric van Domburg Scipio, Heaven Magazine December, 2010


  • Excerpt from Donald Rubinstein’s Works of Art November 13, 2010

    ” …Donald Rubinstein, a man to whom conformity is as much an anathema as a crucifix is to a vampire, or an art critic is to a painter. Preferring to color his own work with relatively smaller ensembles, experimental jazz, exotic instruments, haunting voices and instantly memorable themes. Rubinstein’s novel cinematic approach…distinguished by a singular ‘indie’ voice-a cool, rebellious vibe developed long before that term was fashionable, a hypnotic sound…” “Donald Rubinstein’s Works of Art” by Daniel Schweiger


  • Stepbridge Studios Acquisitions November 16, 2009

    Stepbridge (Recording) Studios in Santa Fe, NM purchases two artworks by Donald, November, 2009.


  • When She Kisses The Ship On His Arm Review in Adobe Airstream August 18, 2009

    “WHEN SHE KISSES THE SHIP ON HIS ARM,” on Bare Bones Records, Donald’s latest CD of 13 original ballads, Featuring: Terry Allen, Craig Eastman, Sharon Gilchrist, Ron Helman and Hank Roberts…NEW REVIEW:

    “If I were a smarter human being I would now invent a word that would explain exactly how freakin cool and original in thought and execution Donald Rubinstein is with his music. This new word would have to embody the talent that you hear within the first 30 seconds of your first Donald Rubinstein song, that puts your brain on some new rails you didn’t even know existed between your ears.  His music is inspirational and at the same time melancholy, and he wields his original tonal creations like a true master hitting you where you weren’t looking.  Folk, jazz, rock, classical, this dude can do it all.  His music is three dimensional. You can touch it and it will touch you back…His prolific discography is something you should take the time to explore, to discover the genius landscape that Donald Rubinstein has sculpted over the last few decades…a piece of audio artistry that will be stuck in your cars CD player til about late November until that one annoying friend of yours will ask to listen to Christmas music.  But it’s okay cuz once they get out you will just put Rubinstein’s CD back into the player.   “WHEN SHE KISSES THE SHIP ON HIS ARM” is a collection of 13 very important songs.  This is the first time I ever used the word “important” to describe an album.  You need to hear these songs…” August 10, 2009 Groovey, Adobe Airstream: the online magazine for citizens of culture

    Full review at:


  • Ed Harris Collaboration May 5, 2009

    Donald and Ed Harris pen “Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Friend,” for the soundtrack APPALOOSA CD (Lakeshore Records), and DVD, for the Ed Harris directed feature film. Performed by Donald Rubinstein.


  • Lies in Film April 17, 2009

    “Lies,” a cut from Donald’s CD, CIRCUS BOY is being included in the upcoming feature film, “Dirty Step, Upstage” directed by Amber Moelter.


  • When She Kisses The Ship On His Arm Release February 12, 2009

    Donald completes his 17th full length CD,  “When She Kisses The Ship On His Arm,” with projected release date April, 2009 on Bare Bones Records. The follow-up CD, “Strange Eye,” currently in  production.


  • Two New Soundtracks December 23, 2008

    Donald’s scores For George A. Romero’s “Martin” “One of the Top 100 Coolest Film Scores of All Time.” Mojo, 2002,

    and “The Unused Score For Pollock” on Perseverance Records.

    “Martin and Pollock both represent the striking musical vision of composer Donald Rubinstein…His novel cinematic approach is distinguished by a singular “indie” voice-a cool, rebellious vibe developed long before that term was fashionable, a hypnotic sound that joins the outcast characters of Martin and Pollock almost 25 years apart.”

    “Donald Rubinstein’s Works of Art” by Daniel Schweiger


  • KNIGHTRIDERS on Perseverance Records October 6, 2008

    “The first OFFICIAL release of Donald’s seminal score for George A. Romero’s KNIGHTRIDERS is now out on Perseverance Records!  Featuring soloists Bill Frisell, Eddie Daniels, Gordon Gottlieb, Peter Gordon and John Faddis. Daniel Schweiger, IF Magazine Score Picks:’ ONE OF THE TOP SOUNDTRACKS TO OWN FOR OCTOBER, 2008 IF Magazine

    What is it: Donald Rubinstein followed up his jazz vampire score for George Romero’s MARTIN with an equally alternative rock-orchestral score. “Medieval” scoring has never been more different than for the director’s Renaissance Faire-on-motorcycle-steeds flick.

    Why should you buy it?: Never before officially released, KNIGHTRIDERS soundtrack promos used to go for hundreds of dollars. Now here’s the complete score at a far more than affordable cost.”

    -IF Magazine


  • 2008-2009 ASCAP Award August 14, 2008

    Donald receives an upcoming 2008-2009 Ascap Award for Jazz and Popular Composition from American Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers. This is Donald’s third Ascap Award.


  • Open Door July 23, 2008

    Donald and Steve Deutsch’s co-written songs “Gone” and “True Faith”can be heard in the new feature film, “Open Door.”


  • Serial Boxes at Hahn Ross Gallery June 1, 2008

    For its inaugural opening of 2008, Hahn Ross Gallery will exhibit the invitational show, Serial Boxes, featuring twelve New Mexico artists. Opening 5-7 pm, Friday June 20. 409 Canyon Road. 505 984 8434 June 20th – July 3rd. Artist and noted musician Donald Rubinstein has created a “Relationship Box.” The drawings inside are a series of images created on the computer that demonstrate the trials and travails of romantic relationships.


  • Albuquerque Purchase Award February 14, 2008

    The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico purchases Donald’s mixed media drawing: “Sometimes He Could See Through Space.”


  • February 2008 CD Release January 28, 2008

    Painted Stranger (Donald Rubinstein and Steve Deutsch)

    “Take the Dark Away,” Mixed by Tchad Blake (Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel) Spacebar Records.


  • Seed at Eugene Binder Gallery September 23, 2007

    “Seed” by Donald Rubinstein and Kiki Smith will be exhibited at the Eugene Binder Gallery in Marfa, Texas as part of an exhibition of Ms. Smiths work, opening October 5, 2007 + Donald’s work, “Dating Service” is now on exhibition at The Bemis Center in Omaha, Nebraska as part of their November, 2007 Art Auction.

  • Thus Far, July 21-22, 2007 July 1, 2007

    A multi-faceted celebration , “thus far” retrospective of Donald’s work at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Center for Contemporary Art</a>in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “Cool-aberrations in art, music and film,” Including Donald in concert, joined by special guests Terry Allen, John Densmore, Larry Mitchell and Hani Naser; a show of Donald’s art, and a screening of films he has scored. An additional show of Don’s multi-media work will run concurrently at Linda Durham Contemporary Art,


  • FIVE NEW CD RELEASES, MAY-OCTOBER, 2007 May 29, 2007

    “Tangled Up in Bob and Other Songs,” the soundtrack from the Mary Feidt feature film (about Bob Dylan’s early life) and “Acceptance” featuring Bill Frisell,  available  now on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Rhombus Records</a>, in stores and online.

    “Circus Boy” written and performed by Don featuring digitally imparted words, synthesizer and piano solo on Black Starlight Records: Finally, “Take the Dark Away,”  a new set of avant rock songs written and performed by Painted Stranger (Donald Rubinstein and Steve Deutsch) on <a href=””>Spacebar Records</a>


  • Tales From The Edge Premiere May 23, 2007

    Donald’s first film, “Tales From the Edge” will premiere at Linda Durham Contemporary Art and on the big screen at The Center For Contemporary Arts on July 22nd.  The 6 minute short is based on Donald’s drawings, soundtrack and original concept, with animation by Paul Diddy.


  • Gallery 68 Show February 14, 2007

    Artist and Composer Donald Rubinstein to Exhibit Drawings, Books, Oddities at Gallery 68, Austin. Rubinstein to Give Musical Performance at Show’s Opening, February 24, 2007.


  • Bruiser Available Now December 23, 2006

    “Brusier” soundtrack CD completed for the George Romero feature. Available Now on Black Starlight.


  • Kiki Smith Collaboration November 13, 2006

    Donald’s sculptural/musical collaboration with Kiki Smith, “Singing Siren,” goes on sale at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, November 15th, 2006 . (Donald and Kiki’s 8 piece “Seed” was exhibited The Museum of Modern Art in NYC, 2004.)